Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy (In a good way!)

So, the last blog I posted was clear back after the Puerto Maldonado Project. Well, since then, we have been very busy! In June, we had a project in Cusco, in July, here in Arequipa, and this month, I had the privelege to go to Paraguay for the project there in Asuncion. So, here is an update and some pictures from these projects.

CUSCO - In Cusco, we had lots of Impact projects, as well as the construction of two chapels, three days of medical clinics, and and three Jesus Film showings. For the impact days, we had kids festivals and one of the highlights was going to a local orphanage. We also went to a local hospital. One group went to a local women's prison.

This is our Peruvian construction man, Cuarto. He is the strongest little man in the whole world!!! He is from Iquitos, but works in Arequipa and with our short term construction projects.

At two of the medical clinics, I made reading glasses to distribute. I think, in the end, I made about 25 pair, plus we had around 80 pair donated. It is amazing to see the people when they receive a pair of reading glasses. They are so appreciative and happy. We were even able to help some children who were far sighted.

I went with Cuarto, Mark, and Tom, on the short termer's day off, to help get the land ready where we were to move the second chapel. The two chapels they were building were being built in the same location, and the second one had to be moved to to another town. The property had lots of flower bushes, ROCKS, and old brush. So we had a day of cleaning...I must admit, I took more pictures than digging.
At the end of the trip, we went sight seeing. I was trying to hold Jesus' hand.
AREQUIPA - there was impact projects, a construction and reconstruction of chapels, and Jesus Film showings in this project. And some of my WV buds got to come!!! Ray, on the far right is from Fairmont area, but is a 40/40 here in Arequipa.

We were getting some ofthe supplies ready for skits. No worries, it was a toy gun that was falling apart, and empty beer bottles for the skit.
On Saturday night, we had a "Battle of the Bands". I stayed close to the back of the park where it wasn't quite so loud. Tom, Robin, and Kelly Watters joined me there for a while.

We went to out to one of the outlying communities for a kids festival and Jesus Film showing.

 I really don't wear the same clothes everyday, I just don't have a lot of sweatshirts, so it looks that way. We went to some schools. We usually do salvation bracelets and some games with the kids. These are the smaller kids who needed lots of help with the salvation bracelets.

One evening, we had a workshop for parents, so I played games with the children who came with their parents. We played "Follow the Leader" for quite a while, and then some "Duck, Duck, Goose".

This is Junior and Tani (Nataniel). They make all the blocks for the foam builds. A team came down in May, while I was in Puerto Maldonado, and tought them how to make the blocks. Since they started in May, they have made over 1,050 blocks. It takes about 25 minutes to complete one block, and they average about 15 - 17 blocks per day.

In Chachani, we had the dedication service for the chapel that was constructed there. Chachani is the name of the moutain that the community is right at the foot of. It gets very cold there at night.

 After the dedication service, we gave out clothing that had been donated from the United States. These young ladies are from the Alto Libertad church, which is the mother church for the Chachani congregation.
Some of the hermanas (sisters) from the church were there to help get things ready for the dedication. Jesica is the one kneeling. The church is on the back of her property. On the left is her sister, her mother, Gladis, who works here in our office, and myself.
PARAGUAY - In Paraguay, we did all impact projects. I don't know why I never take pictures of these. I guess because I am always busy and forget. We did lots of school visits, and hospital visit, kid's festivals in the parks, a cookout, showed some movies in the plazas, and had some youth events. 
On the day off, Orfa, Gladis and I found a train museum close to a plaza downtown. It wasn't the main plaza, but, unknown to us, it was only 3 or 4 blocks from the main plaza.

 At the train museum, there were two train cars and an engine that you could go in. We ha fun taking pictures of all the different rooms and things inside...even the bar!

 We stopped to eat lunch at McDonald's, and had to get our picture with Ronald, who happened to be waiting for us on the bench outside! And infront of the Municipalidad, we caught up with the founder! What a lucky day!

On the tour day, we went to Caacupé, which is the center of the Catholic religion in Paraguay. We were able to go inside the cathedral, and up on the mirador that is at the dome of the roof. Inside, the stained glass windows were beautiful.

 At the top of the mirador, there was a nice breeze blowing and the temperature was perfect. On the way back to Asuncion, we stopped at the largest lake in Paraguay.

 The final day in Asuncion, we were able to go downtown again. To the left is a very interesting building that has part of the old building left there and the new building built around it. Above is the Presidential Palace.

It was so nice to get to visit with the Foster's and the Williams'. I enjoyed being able to catch up with Isa and Landon and Teddy and Reese. I was also glad to finally put some faces with the names of the 40/40s there. We had a great time ministering to the people of Paraguay. I must say, however, that I was glad to return to Peru after my time in Paraguay. It is good to be home and working on the next project that will take us to Iquitos in September. Yay for the jungle!!!!


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