Monday, October 15, 2012

Phone for Ransom?!?!? (a blog that didn't get posted in July 2011)

It was a Friday morning. We were on our way to visit an elderly gentleman and maybe help his daughters decide what was best for him. He is bed fast, and the daughter who is the primary care giver is very sick herself, and can't lift him to change his clothes anymore. We visited with them and talked about different options. One option is actually a nursing home here in the area that has a good reputation. It is very rare to find a nursing home in Peru, so this could be a real blessing.

Anyway, after we were done visiting and praying with the family, we went back to Yarina for more visits there. We were almost to Yarina when I realized that my cell phone had fallen out of my pocket some where along the bumpy ride to Yarina. Unfortunately, I was sitting on the outside of the motocar, and there was a big gap between the seat and the side of the moto. So, I lost my phone.

We had the moto driver turn around and we went back to search along the road. I knew about where I had lost it, but we didn't see it there anywhere. So we went on to Yarina, had our visits there and then went back to the house. The good thing was, I had just bought S/. 15 of credit on my phone, so the guy who found the phone, didn't want to turn it off. Nancy called for me, and he answered. She told him that she wanted the phone back because it had all the contacts in it; Would he please bring it to the church? He said he would, but that we needed to pay him S/. 50 because he had bought it from another guy who actually found it. We said no problem. He was suppose to be there in 15 minutes. When he didn't come, we called again. He then said no, he didn't want to bring the phone to us because he was afraid that we would have police there to arrest him. We told him that we were missionaries, and I knew where I lost the phone, and knew that it hadn't been stolen, so I wasn't going to have the police there waiting. He asked us if we could come there to La Perla at the bridge (where I lost the phone) and get it. We said yes, but by this time it was 10:30 PM, so Nancy and I took Sammy with us. We told the guy that we were bringing our brother with us. So we got a taxi and went the 15 minutes to Yarina, to La Perla, and when we got to the bridge, the place was dark. As Nancy and I walked out onto the bridge, I felt like someone making a ransom drop. When we were about half way across the bridge, someone started walking from the other side, flashing a cell phone back and forth. He said, "Are you here for the phone?" We said, "Yes." He said, "All the contacts and pictures are there. Don't worry...Nothing is deleted." We gave him the S/. 50. End of story, right?

Wrong!!! He began asking us about why we lived in Pucallpa. We told him we were missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene, and that we were starting churches in Pucallpa. He had a lot of questions about the church and when services were. We haven't seen him yet, but we are hoping to see him at one of our services.

From the Glorious Natural Jungle of Iquitos to the "COLD" Urban Jungle of Arequipa

I was able to spend some time in Iquitos on a project for 2 1/2 weeks in September. It was nice to get to see lots of my friends from Iquitos (Pastor Abiatar, Mama Magna, Chino, Hermana Betti, Moises, Leyla, Pastor Antonio, Malena, and Jim, Kati, and many more), as well as help build a new church in Tamshiyacu, a small town about an hour south, but up river, from Iquitos. There were days filled with construction and impact events. It was hot (I love it!!!) and humid, but the team kept plugging along. We ended the two weeks with a service in the new church building on Sunday.
So, have been back in Arequipa for three weeks now, and we just finished another Short Term Project here. ( started 5 days after the Iquitos project finished!) We did several days of construction on a church that is going to be shipped to Pucallpa later, and we did lots of impact projects to get the word out about the Church of the Nazarene here in Arequipa.
It is the middle/end of spring here in Arequipa, Praise the Lord! I can tell a difference because in winter, I sleep with 5 blankets, and at this time, I only want 3! So glad it is getting warmer!!!! (Although, I still stand by the fact that Arequipa is COLD!)

Anyway, yesterday I went to Chachani for regular service. They were finishing up the consolidation discipleship book that I have probably read a hundred times, if not more. The last lesson is on the Family of God. I was so happy to be able to share with them about how it is great to feel a connection with people you have never met, simply because you are all part of the family of God. I am pretty sure I could go just about anywhere in the world and find a "brother" or "sister" because I am a part of this family. Even though I am a long way away from my family in West Virginia, I still have family here in Peru (Arequipa, Iquitos, Pucallpa, Chiclayo, Tarapoto, CampaƱia, Lima, and Bagua), in Paraguay (Asuncion), in Belize (San Ignacio, Belmopan, and Belize City), and tons of places in the United States! And those are just the ones I know!!! Praise the Lord for this extended family!