Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Finally Have a House (okay, so it's an apartment!)

So, I was able to move into an apartment a couple weeks ago, on the 27th of April. However, I didn't have anything except 4 suitcases of stuff and a mattress (thanks to the abundant supply of extra mattresses at the office). So, I was too late to get Lindy and Tricia's stove and refrigerator. But guess what, God provided a refrigerator and stove for free. And I was able to buy a bed frame, desk, two shelves, a table and chairs and the things I needed for the kitchen for about $200. Wow! What a blessing! I only lack living room if you come over, you can sit on the floor or the table chairs... :-).
I got the refrigerator and stove all cleaned up last weekend, bought food on Sunday, thought I would pick up the rack and hose for gas for the stove on Monday and be set. Surprise, everyone coming from the house where my rack and gas line were, forgot it on Monday. So, Tuesday I went and picked it up during some errands, then when we got to my apartment and were hooking everything up, we discovered that there was no valve on the gas tank. So, I went out to dinner on Tuesday and then yesterday, I picked up a valve, and when I got home last night, I ordered gas. That was an experience! Thankfully, Gladys was there and knew what to do to get gas. We got it at 8:00 pm and cooked the mushroom chicken, with noodles and vegetables.
Tonight I am looking forward to some stir-fry, cause remember all that food I bought on Sunday...well, it needs to be used before I go to Puerto Maldonado on Saturday morning!!!! I did freeze the meat, so I just gotta use those veggies!
So, now, just looking for some living room furniture... :-) I can live with that!!!

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