Friday, July 22, 2011

On the Mend

Well, you have read the story of Kevin, the young man with Flesh Eating Disease. I am happy to report that although he is still in the hospital, he is doing much better. As you can see from his picture, he is very thin, and tires very fast, but he is healing, and praising God for his recovery. Tuesday, July 19, was his 25th birthday. So, we went to the hospital and had a Fiesta. As we entered the room, we sang Happy Birthday and he began to cry because he is so happy to be alive. We brought cake, pop, and a Happy Birthday poster, and three ladies from the Yarinacocha church, his mom, Hermano Jose, Luz, and myself were there.

Ruth had received special permisson to have Estrella at the hospital with Kevin. He hadn't seen her since he went into the hospital a month ago. They were both very happy to see each other.It looks like he will be in the hospital for another 2 - 3 weeks, and he will have to take some physical therapy afterwards, because right now he can't walk. He wanted to so bad the other day, and so Ruth helped him get to his feet, but when he tried to take a step, his leg wouldn't support him, and Ruth had to catch him. He said he feels lots better, and he is praising God for his healing. He wanted to talk about all the things he wants to do in the church when he gets out of the hospital. He wants to work with the youth, and help get people interested in the church and Christ. He has a great testimony, and through this ordeal, his family is coming to know the saving grace of the Lord. They are seeing that the church doesn't just help you if you come to every service, or if you give money, or if you follow all the rules. This family is seeing that the church is a family and they love a person, whether good or bad, and want to see everyone saved by the redeeming grace of Christ.
Continue to pray for this family, and that the witness of Kevin will carry not only to his family, but also to the community. He has had the opportunity to share his faith several times on the news, in the newspaper, and personally to doctors and nurses. At 25 years of age, his life has made a drastic turn around, and he has an experience to share with others that is so rare that it cannot be credited to anyone or anything, only God.
Also, pray for the Yarinacocha Church of the Nazarene. Because Kevin is in the hospital, several of the ladies have started visiting the hospital regularly for anyone they know that is there. This is fast becoming a great outreach ministry for this very new church. Pray that these ladies will continue with this ministry and encourage others to join them.
Although this illness has been an ordeal for Kevin, his family, and the church, it has been a blessing in disguise. Many are coming to Christ, the faith of others has grown tremendously, and this story will have a lasting effect on many more in the future. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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