Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cold (in the jungle) and Cultos (services)

Okay, so contrary to anything I have said before, it is possible for the temperature to be cold in the jungle. We wore long pants and long sleeves, and jackets if we had them, for over a week. I was very thankful for the sweatshirt my dad left behind that I would "never" need. They say it is suppose to get cold again tomorrow...I am praying it doesn't. For one, I want to go to the pool tomorrow (selfish, I know). But also because the cold effects everything here in the jungle. You would think that it snowed three feet...I mean, I am uncomfortable, and cold, but it is still possible to do things...the roads are passable, there is no ice on the windshield (we don't have windshields, but if we did, there still wouldn't be ice on them), and it is literally about 60-75 degrees, so not freezing! But the people want to stay in their beds, and riding in a motocar is very cold! It didn't get warm until Wednesday last week, so the pictures above are at our church service on Tuesday night, and that is why most everyone has on long sleeves. And if they don't, it is because they don't have long sleeves to put on. We had 19 (9 adults, 2 youth, 8 kids), and after a lesson given by Empe, we had popcorn and juice for everyone.
We were very happy to have this many people there, because it has been very difficult to get our numbers back since we were gone for a month in Arequipa...I am glad we had the opportunity to go to Arequipa, but it hurt the flow of ministry here in Yarina. So today, is Sunday, and after a very disappointing week two weeks ago with only three kids, we had 13 last week, and 14 today...we are glad to have the kids back, because we were haveing 25 or more pray that the kids come back. Also, pray that we can find a permanent place to have the Sunday School classes because we are meeting in the Fisherman's Association building, but they don't let us know when they are having meetings, so today we had to move our class three times to have Sunday School. We finally moved it to a house of one of our regulars. These are our Sunday School classes today. The first picture is Empe's class and the second two are my class.

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